How are Google Business Profile Listings Verified?

To verify your Google My Business listing, sign in to your account. Then, click on the setup wizard. Select your business name and type in your verification code. Then, click on the “Verify” button to confirm your business. Within 14 days, you will receive a postcard requesting that you verify your business. Do not edit your business name during this time. Otherwise, your listing may get suspended. You can also request to be verified in bulk by sending your verification code to Google’s office or phone number.

Verifying your GMB listing is simple. If you have a verified business account, you can sign in and request to be managed. Once you’re in, enter your business name, category, and description. Your name must match your official business name. Be sure not to add keywords to your listing. This will violate Google’s guidelines. You can request management of your listing through Google My.com. Once you’ve requested verification, you can continue to manage your listing and optimize your ranking in the search results.

You can also request to verify your GMB listing by phone. To verify your GMB listing, simply enter your business phone number on Google’s website. This procedure is simple but requires a little time. You’ll receive a phone call or text message from Google and enter a five-digit code to validate your listing. However, you should be cautious of suspicious phone calls as some users have reported being scammed. So, make sure you follow these instructions carefully to avoid any unwanted calls.

If you have more than 10 locations, a Google team member will review your spreadsheet and manually verify each listing. This process may take several weeks, so be patient and allocate resources to verify each location. If you’ve verified less than 10 locations, you should be able to get verification in two weeks. If you’re a multi-location business, this process can take several weeks. As with most things in life, it takes time to verify each listing. But the waiting is well worth the effort.

In order to verify your GMB listing, you must first complete the sign-up process. You must complete all the required fields before you can proceed. After the verification is completed, you can edit the listing. You can also make changes to it. Once verified, you should update your business information to reflect your business. Your verified listings will be visible on Google. It’s very important to maintain your business’s profile for maximum visibility. Browse more.

Besides adding a business address, you should also provide a valid email address for each of your locations. It will be easier to verify multiple locations if you have the same email addresses. If you have multiple locations, you should create a business group for each of them. This will allow you to share management between your locations. If you have multiple businesses, you can even use a spreadsheet to track their details.