Google Business Profile Insights

Google Business Profile (GMB) insights are reports containing metrics and data about your local business. They also show the number of times your customers have found you through Google Search and Maps. Hovering over the relevant date will show you a segmented graph that you can analyze separately. The insights are also valuable for your marketing strategy. If you’re using a dedicated phone number, you can apply UTM tags to it.

The information from Google Business Profile insights is very useful when it comes to understanding consumer behavior. For instance, it can be helpful to see what percentage of searches are from your listing compared to your competitors. This information is very helpful when creating marketing strategies. You can then use the data to improve your business strategies. You can also use Google Analytics to learn more about your business. There are many tools available to help you optimize your listings. There are a few important tips that will make your business more visible and effective.

The insights can show you how many people found your business through Google search and maps. These insights are very useful for your SEO efforts and business strategy. You can adjust the date ranges to view total views and customer actions over time. You can note the launch date of your chat functionality and use the “Actions” tool to find out how many people engaged with it. Once you’ve optimized your listings, you’ll be better able to make the best decisions for your business.

Lastly, you can use Google Business Profile insights to improve your local listings and desktop search results. PostEngine offers affordable software automation and agency solutions that prioritize complete and frequently updated Google Business Profiles. They can save you a lot of time and money while maximizing your Google Business Profile performance. The insights collected by PostEngine can help you make better business decisions. The tool can compare and aggregate data from several communities at the same time, and they can be analyzed and compared instantly.

Another interesting feature of Google Business Profile insights is the total calls graph. The total number of phone calls will be displayed in a graph. You can also see the number of clicks on the call button and how many times they have clicked on the call button. This data can help you improve your online business. It’s a great way to know how well your customers are finding your products and services. It’s easy to use, and you can track your progress with the data from Google Business Profile.

The phone call action graph shows how many phone calls customers have made through your GMB listing. It also includes a time line graph so you can see when your customers are calling you. You can also check out the total calls logged by day. The data graph shows the number of customers who called your business during the week. The total calls graph shows the number of customers who called you through your GMB listing. The data is useful for your marketing strategy.

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